Special surface treatment

ㅣ Overview of Topocrom Technology

Hardide® is a range of low temperature CVD (chemical vapour deposition)
tungsten carbide/tungsten metal matrix composite coatings that increase the life of critical metal components

ㅣ Properties of Hardide Coatings
  • Highly resistant to wear, erosion, corrosion, galling
  • Hard chrome and HVOF replacement(환경 규제로부터 자유로움)
  • Enables coating of complex shaped parts
  • Low temperature CVD Coatings(~500℃)
  • Nano-structured tungsten carbide coatings
  • Does not contain Cobalt or other metal binder materials
  • Provides a combination of high hardness with excellent toughness and ductility 
  • The coating layer has virtually 0% porosity

ㅣ Application of Hardide Coatings
  • Oil and Gas applications
  • Flow Control applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Equipment for Solar and Electronic Silicon Manufacturing
  • Mixer Blades for Li-ion Battery Anode Materials

Special surface treatment

topocromⓇ - Surface

  • Adjustable Topography
  • Stochastic Distributoin
  • Hemispherical Surface Structure
  • Adiustable Rouahness Values
  • Closed Structures
  • Open Structures