Hybrid composite bearing

Differentiation of hybrid composite bearing  & Technical value

Differentiation of hybrid composite bearing
  • Improved properties in all fields to compare with white metal 18% ~900%
  • High efficiency (Reduce power loss-Torque)
  • High reliability under emergency situation (Oil cut, Lower amplitude, higher load, higher oil supply temp., etc)
Technical value
  • Reduce operating cost by high efficiency & reliability
  • Reduce back up system cost (No need jacking oil system)
  • Apply unique design by overcoming of mechanical limitation ( more than 2itmes higher load, higher wear resistance, lower power loss, lower amplitude, etc.)
  • If oil supplying temp. is higher due to you can’t sufficient oil cooling when your system has to be operated Middle east area, Africa, etc.), The hybrid composite bearing can give higher reliability & reducing power loss
  • Strong marketing factor by product differentiation