UDM Business plan

Step 1 : 2017.04 After plan
Step 2 : 2018. 03 After plan

UDM Business plan

Step 3 : 2018. 06 After plan

Another value of Workieum

Base version ERP

l Focus on core functionality
  • Quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Invoice
  • Tax bill

Efficient management and cost savings

l Automatic statistics and storage
  • Save history and retrieve statistics by month, each companies
  • Key features such as collection and spending forecast statistics
  • Reduce costs by simplifying unnecessary functions of existing ERP

Job Search

l Technical staff specialist
  • Professional staff
  • Professional engineer
  • Other key personnel

Supporting the supply of technical skills person

Ease to search
  • Focus on the right people for the intermediate processing industry
  • Search service according to characteristics
  • Organizing an organic workforce network
Step 4 : 2019.01 After plan
01 . computerization
  • Full version ERP

Greater enterprise efficiency with expanded ERP add-on options.

02 . Efficiency
  • Location-based mobile apps

The supplier can be checked immediately when the buyer is away from work and visited if necessary.

03 . Strengthening deals
  • Online quotation bidding

Quicker bidding participation online for top-rated suppliers

04 . Cost Reduction
  • Joint Purchase

Quicker bidding participation online for top-rated suppliers

Step 5 : 2019.09 After plan
the reinforcement of publicity

New news from suppliers (buying equipment, adding key items, acquiring patent technology, releasing new products...) is quickly forwarded to the buyer via E-MAIL, etc.

Enhancing purchasing power

One-stop service to promptly make quotation and order to supplier through batch order at WORKIEUM when buyer requests, and to make and deliver finished product instead

Reinforcement of Technology

Increase competitiveness of small domestic companies by quickly transferring technology by sharing technical data such as patents that want technology transfer in Korea

Strengthen reliability

More reliable information through leveling between buyers and suppliers