ㅣ Status of the Companies
Industry Status by Region (Under 50 Employee)

Semi machining

Before : Regional characteristics by industry  → Regional equipment   → Regional specialization technology area  → Optimized supplier search in each region

Now : Mixed regionalization industry  →  Easy to find special supplier

  • Industry Most types of companies
  • Precision machining company related to electric and electronic
  • High precision machining machine
  • Large-scale companies that can mass-produce
  • Small-Mighty companies high-tech enterprise
  • Many kind of small companies

  • Distribution of automobile-related companies
  • Automobile parts production company
  • Small and Medium sized companies
  • Electricity-related companies decline
  • Seeking change using electric and electronic infrastructure

  • Shipbuilding offshore plant, distribution of precision machining companies
  • Shipbuilding offshore plant-related companies decline
  • Looking for diversification using large equipment
  • Small-sized construction companies
  • Precision Machining Company
  • Airlines-related companies