ㅣ Workieum Solution
Buyer Aspects
  • Easy to search supplier through on-site terminology
  • Acquire supplier information nationwide
  • Untrained person can acquire supply without own network
  • Detailed information for pre-conformance assessment (specifically beyond equipment, experience, and key products)
  • Directly consult with each supplier contact at login
  • Lower costs due to reduced time spent searching, validation, and more
Supplier Aspects
  • Increase probability of project success by negotiation after pre-review of buyer
  • Increased internal productivity and reduced operating costs due to reduced sales activities by CEO
  • Increased productivity and increased competitiveness in specialized areas
  • Supplier can also switch to buyer to expand the total order volume
  • Automatically print company introduction by individual
  • If necessary, provide web page address (business card entry)
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs by providing additional services
  • Supplier registration by limiting 30% to all companies in each region (enhancing competitiveness)